Constitutional Review Team

Our current constitution has been in place , with minor revisions, since our membership voted to leave the Presbyterian Church in 1986 and form Christ Community Church.

In October 2017, the board established a team to inspect, review and propose revisions of items and precepts of the current constitution of Christ Community Church.  On January 22, 2018, the board revised this team of 5-7 members, to include one current board member (instead of three, as originally proposed).  This team will also include former board members and members of the congregation.  Margie Herrington was named as the chairman for this team and will organize and oversee the team’s activities.  The goal is for the team to conclude all of its activities and propose any changes at the annual congregational meeting in 2019.

Please be assured the board’s intent is only to simply update the current constitution of Christ Community Church, NOT to create a NEW constitution.  Anyone interested in being involved in the important work of this team should contact the church office at 330-735-2127 or send us an EMAIL.