Sermon Series – The Guide To Life

Sermon Series The Guide To Life

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What if you could have a guide book to life that gave you the answers as to how to thrive in life? Join us as we travel on an 8 week journey through the book of Colossians.  We’ll be looking at each chapter, split into two, and we’ll make 2 ‘pit stops’ along the way via Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
Within Colossians, God has purposed for us 8 foundations that are sustainable for as long as we live in this life. While these foundations are truth, they’re also practical in that from them, we can learn life lessons and valuable skills. They’re described below and the foundations are emboldened.  We’ll see you 10 am every Sunday!

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From The Book of Colossians

Apr. 22; Who it’s all about (Authority)
Apr. 29; Set Free To Serve (Healthy Submission)
May 6; Know Why You Know What You Know (Principles)
May 13; Mother’s Day (a small break from the series)
May 20; Don’t be Judged (Uniqueness)
May 27; Stop it, and Start Living! (Freedom)
June 3; A Happy Home & Content on the Job (Joy)
June 10; What You Communicate is Who You Are (Affirmation)
June 17; Father’s Day (a small break from the series)
June 24; True Friendship (Connection)